Saturday, September 20, 2014

Baby Boomers graduated from high school!

Fifty years ago! And they wonder why Generation X can't wait to euthanize them all:
Fiftieth reunions are not new, of course. They’ve been celebrated for decades — by small numbers at first, and larger numbers as more people lived long enough to put a party together. But this year, there is one difference: The Class of 1964 is the first graduating class of the post-World War II baby boom and the leading edge of the generation retreating — however reluctantly — from the center stage to the backlot of retirement.
Well, if that's not a news item, I don't know what is. I mean, no one has ever had a 50th high school reunion that involved Baby Boomers before! But I'm sure we can all come together in celebrating the fact that this landmark means the Baby Boomers are one step closer to all of us never having to hear about their idiot generation again.

Don't be bitter, Boomers. We just hoped you'd die before you got old too.


The anti-NFL SJWs seek more scalps

Now Floria wants to see Baltimore's president, general manager, coach, and possibly owner to be hounded from the league as well:
The Ravens contend that the ESPN report contains “numerous errors, inaccuracies, false assumptions and, perhaps, misunderstandings,” but the Ravens have identified none of them yet.  Apparently, the list alleged errors, inaccuracies, false assumptions, and perhaps misunderstanding is coming next week, after their game against the Browns.

Sorry, but that’s not nearly good enough.  One of the league’s billion-dollar network partners has pinned on the Ravens and the NFL a report that, if accurate, should result in the termination of the employment of Cass, Newsome, and perhaps even Harbaugh.  Likewise, real questions should be raised about Steve Bisciotti’s fitness to own the team, if the report is accurate and if he had any knowledge of the coverup.  (Or perhaps even if he didn’t.)
This is getting BEYOND ridiculous. The idea that an organization might *gasp* attempt to protect its own interests rather than embark upon an anti-domestic violence crusade aimed at one of its employees is not even newsworthy, let alone a rational basis for decimating its employees. There is no "coverup".

As I have said from the start, the NFL should announce that domestic violence is, like every other crime, neither its responsibility nor its concern, and declare that it is leaving all such matters up to the relevant criminal justice system. For the obvious reason that it isn't.

And Roger Goodell needs to be fired. Not because he is insufficiently concerned about the poor widdle womens who ain't never done nothing but get beat on, but because he opened this whole can of worms with his own posturing attempts to curry favor with the Social Justice Whores.

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Teach scientists not to rape

I found this New York Times article by a female scientist to be amusing on several levels:
My story is not unique. In July, Kathryn B. H. Clancy and her co-authors Robin G. Nelson, Julienne N. Rutherford and Katie Hinde published a survey of 666 field-based scientists in the journal PLoS One and reported that 26 percent of the female scientists surveyed had been sexually assaulted during fieldwork. Most of these women encountered this abuse very early in their careers, as trainees. The travel inherent to scientific fieldwork increases vulnerability as one struggles to work within unfamiliar and unpredictable conditions, but male respondents reported significantly less assault (6 percent).

I know several women with stories like mine, but more often it is the men of one’s own field team, one’s co-workers, who violate their female colleagues. The women surveyed by Dr. Clancy’s team stated that their “perpetrators were predominantly senior to them professionally within the research team.”
The first level is the way in which the actual behavior of scientists contrasts with the way laymen are supposed to trust them. Remember, we are supposed to believe that these scientists are individuals who will only report the true and proper results of the scientific process without any bias or dishonesty or corruption because they are trained to do so. So, what can we conclude from the fact that they can't go out into the field without raping their female colleagues? It would appear that they are not being taught not to rape, would it not?

Second, notice the way the woman blithely skips over the fact that the whole reason these "trainees" are brought along into the field in the first place is as science totty. Women in science, particularly attractive women in science, are handed every possible opportunity by their male superiors chiefly because those superiors are looking forward to the possibilities created by spending large quantities of time with them in exotic locations. It's not an accident that this attractive woman, pictured to the right, "landed a position as a professor before I even started to write my dissertation." She probably genuinely believes that her rapid advancement was solely because she was so "promising" and talented. This complete lack of self-awareness is perhaps understandable in a large-breasted weather girl, but it is both funny and sad that an otherwise accomplished scientist could be so inobservant.

Third, it would be very informative to know how many of the 74 percent of the female scientists surveyed voluntarily had sex with men "predominantly senior to them professionally within the research team." Based on what I know of female science majors, I would estimate at least three-quarters of them, and 100 percent of the attractive ones, did.

Of course, the push to encourage women in science is only going to cause more such sexual assaults to take place, which is one more reason why it is a bad idea. Science doesn't need more women, especially if more women in the field are going to help transform otherwise good male scientists into rapists and sex criminals.


Friday, September 19, 2014

The USAF doesn't need God anymore

And the long slow decline into military irrelevance continues:
Members of the U.S. Air Force will no longer be required to say “so help me God” during their enlistment oath. A legal review of rules that required the phrase occurred after the American Humanist Association threatened to sue on behalf of an atheist airman. The unnamed airman at Creech Air Force Base in Nevada was denied re-enlistment Aug. 25 after crossing the phrase out of the oath.
It would be interesting to see the USA try to defend itself if Christians simply refuse to serve it any longer. Of course, allegiance to the state is rapidly disappearing as the connection between nation and government becomes increasingly tenuous.

A German knows what Germany is. The Scots, for all their fear of independence, know what Scotland is. What does "America" mean any longer? It's certainly not "One Nation Under God" anymore.

But the USAF is on the verge of technological irrelevance anyhow. It won't prioritize the one mission for which it is actually needed, infantry air support, and the combination of anti-aircraft lasers and unmanned drones will supplant its other missions.

Isn't it amazing how many traditions that have been around for decades, if not centuries, are being belatedly discovered to have been unlawful all along?

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The Ebola exponent

This, combined with socionomics will explain why we've been seeing all the pandemic-related television shows of late:
Right now we've had more than 5,000 cases of Ebola, and at least 2,600 people have died. Some scientists, like Alessandro Vespignani at Northeastern University in Boston, are taking numbers like that and putting them into computer models to see where this epidemic is going. "For instance, in our modeling, by mid-October, we're already between 10,000 to 25,000 cases," he says.

Five thousand cases of Ebola is bad; 10,000 to 25,000 is unbelievable. And that's where the exponential curve comes into play. "Well, an exponential curve is a curve that doubles every certain amount of time," Vespignani says. And with this outbreak, cases are doubling every three to four weeks. So if help doesn't arrive in time — and the growth rate stays the same — then 15,000 Ebola cases in mid-October could turn into 30,000 cases by mid-November, and 60,000 cases by mid-December.
Meanwhile, aid efforts are hampered, to put it mildly, by the local fauna:
The bodies of eight people, including several health workers and three journalists, have been found days after they were attacked while distributing information about Ebola in a Guinean village near the city of Nzerekore, according to Reuters.

"The eight bodies were found in the village latrine," Albert Damantang Camara, a spokesman for Guinea's government, told Reuters on Thursday. "Three of them had their throats slit."
Quarantine and closing the borders, as Sierra Leone is doing, would suffice to keep Ebola out of the West. So, naturally, the globalists in office prefer to literally import the disease and expose thousands of soldiers and aid workers to it in Africa, thereby risking a global pandemic, rather than simply leave the independent African nations to their own resources and permitting the epidemic to safely run its course.

And if the World Health reports that the statistics are being underreported are correct, the exponential curve may already be in effect.

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An Open Source project

Calling all interested programmers:

We have a potential problem down the road. Our favored means of making ebooks is to construct them manually, which permits us to create very clean, professional ebooks without all the extra HTML trash that is an artifact of converting files from the various word processors. We do this with a program called Sigil, which is open source software, but unfortunately Sigil is no longer being maintained.

Some of the functionality of Sigil is being brought into Calibre, which is an excellent Open Source program, but is not focused on ebook production and has an editor that is more limited in its capabilities. Calibre also now requires QT5, which means those using older OS like XP cannot use it.

Now, other than a few minor features it would be nice to add for the sake of efficiency, Sigil works perfectly fine now. It's not an immediate problem. But, as the EPUB standard changes over time, that may not always be the case. So, I'd like to find a programmer or two with OSS experience, and one or two programmers interested in gaining OSS experience, to keep Sigil alive. We have the server space that can be used to host it and are quite willing to provide it, so if you're a programmer who is genuinely interested in helping maintain and improve Sigil, please shoot me an email with SIGIL in the subject.

If you want to have a look at the source code first, you can DL the 12MB file here.

UPDATE: Good news. The project leader, John, says that the project was merely pining for the fjords for lack of contributors. He's quite happy to advise and so forth. We've got six or seven volunteers so far, so I'll get in touch with everyone via email tonight and we can discuss what to do first.

The big question/problem is QT. John's current plan is to go foward with QT 5.3, which rules out XP and that user base. So, the question is what is the best way to get the new user features into a version that does not require the latest QT short of a fork.


Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Union survives... for now

YouGov announces, on the basis of exit polls, that the Scottish independence referendum has failed by 54 to 46 percent:
YouGov bases its prediction on the responses of 1,828 people after they voted today, together with those of 800 people who had already voted by post. Today’s respondents had previously given their voting intention earlier this week. By recontacting them, we could assess any last-minute shift in views. Today’s responses indicate that there has been a small shift on the day from Yes to No, and also that No supporters were slightly more likely to turn out to vote.
Obviously, this is not an official result. But from the socionomic perspective, it would appear that the Scots made their move for independence too early in the global economic downturn.


Of fraudulent lists and fake "bestsellers"

File 770 sounds a little disappointed to discover that an SF "bestseller" on the NYT Bestsellers List doesn't necessarily indicate the mainstream adoption of SF:
I’m a science fiction fan, yet I’m constantly being surprised to discover how that shapes my thinking. Although I know bestseller lists are artificial constructs, I also know they are constructs dominated by mainstream fiction and literary biases. Consequently, when a science fiction writer appears on the New York Times bestseller list I don’t ask how, I just shout “Hooray!” But now a Higher Critic has explained why I should be dissatisfied and suspicious about how they got there.

And now I am.

Vox Day unfavorably compared John Scalzi to Larry Correia based on alleged manipulation of the bestseller list. But isn’t Correia’s status as a bestselling author the same reason people believe Correia is the gold standard?

Even here, all Larry Correia ever did was point out two times when his books made the New York Times best seller list. Which they did. But both times the books disappeared from the list the following week. One and done....

I’m perfectly happy that Larry Correia is an NYT bestselling author. (Which I said in the post.) But since Correia and Scalzi both have experienced the same one-and-done pattern, then why would anybody doubt that Scalzi’s listings are also the result of real sales, Vox Day notwithstanding?
Actually, I didn't compare them. I merely referenced Scalzi's own comments on the subject. As always, Larry Correia is perfectly capable of speaking for himself. As for me, I answered Mr. Glyer on his own blog as follows: There are two reasons for the difference between Scalzi's one-week showings and Mr. Correia's. 1. Correia’s Amazon rankings at the time correlated correctly with his NYT bestseller listing. Scalzi’s Amazon rankings aren’t egregiously off, but they’re not high enough to be credible. 2. Baen Books is not known for attempting to game various awards and bestseller lists. Tor Books, which has won the Locus Award for Best Publisher 27 years in a row, among other things, is.

Does anyone really and truly believe that whereas OLD MAN’S WAR and THE GHOST BRIGADES did not sell well enough to make the NYT Bestseller list, FUZZY NATION did?

All one had to do was look at the Amazon rankings to see that LOCK IN was not selling well enough to have made the bestseller list without a bulk-sale marketing campaign. And as noted on File 770, I had an inkling LOCK IN would not only be on the NYT bestseller list, but be there for a single week before disappearing.

These faux bestsellers aren’t any great secret. It’s just one of the ways the Big Five publishers promote their favored authors. Talk to a top editor or a publishing executive if you don’t believe me; I’m not making this stuff up. Tor is simply trying to massage public perceptions to bump a high mid-list writer into reliable bestseller status.

And then, as it happened, the Washington Examiner happened to address the issue of the unreliability of this particular list today:
The New York Times Book Review, which has a history of belatedly recognizing conservative bestsellers, has banished conservative legal author David Limbaugh’s latest, Jesus on Trial, from its upcoming best seller list despite having sales better than 17 other books on the list.

According to publishing sources, Limbaugh’s probe into the accuracy of the Bible sold 9,660 in its first week out, according to Nielsen BookScan. That should have made it No. 4 on the NYT print hardcover sales list.

Instead, Henry Kissinger’s World Order, praised by Hillary Clinton in the Washington Post, is No. 4 despite weekly sales of 6,607....

The September 28 list of the top 20 print hardcover best sellers includes one book that sold just 1,570 copies.

Limbaugh, published by Regnery, has been a New York Times best seller, so the newspaper should have been looking out for his high sales numbers. And as a hint, they could have looked at Amazon, where Limbaugh’s Jesus hit No. 1 recently. On Thursday, it ranked No. 6 in books sold on Amazon.
Note first that Mr. Scalzi's LOCK IN is presently ranked #3,566 on Amazon and did not make the September 28th list. The #20 book to which the Examiner presumably refers is I AM MALALA which is presently ranked #992 on Amazon. Keep in mind that there are two different lists and that non-fiction usually sells more than fiction.

The New York Times bestseller list is simply not what it claims to be. It's mostly a marketing device manipulated by media ideologues and marketing departments. Some books make it legitimately. Others don't. Fortunately, Amazon gives us a means of distinguishing between the two.

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Scaredy cops

I always find it amusing to read the police responses to a copkiller. You can almost hear their lips quivering when they complain that it's not fair that someone dares to shoot back at them:
There was a killer on the loose Wednesday night, and the police say he is Eric Frein, who is charged with ambushing two Pennsylvania state troopers last Friday night, shooting them with a rifle. One was killed. The other remains in critical condition.

The police describe Frein as a self-trained survivalist with a grudge against law enforcement who has talked about committing mass murder.

Hundreds of officers are looking for him in a heavily wooded area of Pennsylvania. Searchers have to make their way through rugged terrain with thick underbrush and hills.The man they're looking for is said to be very familiar with these woods. He is heavily armed and extremely dangerous. Wearing full camouflage and body armor, grim-faced officers geared up for a sixth day of searching the dense forest.

They're hunting a man who might also be hunting them.

"I want you to know one thing: Eric, we are coming for you," said Lt. Col. George Bivens of the Pennsylvania State Police.

The 31-year-old Frein is suspected of lying in wait just before midnight Friday in front of the state police barracks in Blooming Grove just as a shift changed.

"It's a cowardly act," said Pike County Sheriff Philip Bueki. "The troopers did not have a chance. They didn't even know what had hit them."
Keep in mind that these are the very men who gear up in military assault gear to gang-assault grandmothers and infants in no-knock raids. And they're whining that a copkiller hunting them doesn't give THEM fair warning? Please.

The police should be grateful that the guy is playing fair enough to only target police officers and not police families. And considering that there are "hundreds of officers" hunting him, about the last thing you can call Eric Frein is a coward. Cowards are those who only have the courage to act in packs. Frein is probably a lunatic and may even be a psychopath, but he doesn't strike me as a coward.

Never forget: you can't have a police state without police.


GamerGate and Gameolist

A conspiracy of "Game Journalism Professionals" akin to the infamous JournoList is exposed by Sargon of Akkad:

And The Escapist publishes its Blacklist of game-related publications that are to best avoided as a result of their documented SJW-corruption and lack of journalistic integrity. It pains me to see both Gamasutra and Game Informer on that list; I grew up with the late Paul Anderson and I've known Andy McNamara since Game Informer was little more than a few pages of tissue-thin game advertisements.

Ars Technica:
Game Informer:
Games On Net:
PC Gamer:
Rock Paper Shotgun:
Milo Yiannopoulis has more at Breitbart:
High-profile editors, reporters, and reviewers from heavyweight gaming news sites such as Polygon, Ars Technica, and Kotaku use the private Google Groups mailing list, which is called Gaming Journalism Professionals or GameJournoPros, to shape industry-wide attitudes to events, such as the revelation that developer Zoe Quinn had a sexual relationship with at least one prominent games journalist -- a journalist who had mentioned her and her products in his reporting....

The GameJournoPros emails appear to confirm widely-held suspicions that video game journalists operate with one voice and collude on major issues to distort coverage of ethics violations and to support figures to whom they are politically sympathetic.

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A call for independence

Alex Salmond calls upon his fellow Scots to choose freedom:
Scotland's opportunity of a lifetime arrives tomorrow.

It is a date with destiny, and a day when Scotland will be sovereign for the first time in more than three centuries.

It is a precious and historic opportunity, and a moment which is rare in the life of any nation.

In these final hours of this historic campaign I want to speak directly to every person in this country who is weighing up the arguments they have heard.

I have no doubt people in Scotland will look past the increasingly desperate and absurd scare stories being generated daily from Downing Street.

Those have no place in a sensible debate.

So in these last days of the greatest political campaign Scotland has ever seen, I want to ask you to take a step back from the arguments of politicians and the blizzard of statistics.

For every expert on one side, there is an expert on the other.

For every scare tactic, there is a message of hope, opportunity and possibility.

That message is of the opportunity for our national Parliament to gain real job-creating powers, the ability to protect our treasured National Health Service and the building of a renewed relationship of respect and equality with our friends and neighbours in the rest of these Islands.

But for all that, the talking is nearly done. The campaigns will have had their say. What's left is just us – the people who live and work here.

The people of this nation will, for a few precious hours during polling day, hold sovereignty, power and authority in their own hands.

It is the greatest, most empowering moment any of us will ever have....

I believe in independence not because I think we are better than any other country but because I know we are just as good as any other.

A whole 307 years on from the Treaty of Union, we don't need to rise and be a nation again – we just need to believe in ourselves.

If not us, then who? If not now, then when? This is about you. Your family. Your hopes. Your ambitions. It's about taking your country's future into your hands.

Don't let this opportunity slip through our fingers. Vote Yes tomorrow, with your head and your heart – and put Scotland's future in Scotland's hands.
If I was a Scot, I'd vote "Yes" without a moment's hesitation. This is what generation after generation of Scots fought, bled, and died for, the right to be sovereign, independent, and free from English rule.


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Scalzi spins his merry way

One of the stranger metaphysical theories I've encountered is presented on Twitter:
There's a dude out there who every time he asserts I'm failing, something cool happens for me. Suspect this is karma punching him the face.
I find it amusing that Johnny is trying to claim that I assert he's failing. I've never asserted anything of the sort EXCEPT for the fact that the sales of LOCK IN are obviously a) no better than they were for REDSHIRTS or FUZZY NATION despite b) considerably more marketing effort on the publisher's part. I don't think that Scalzi is failing. I think that Tor Books is failing.

Scalzi's success doesn't bother me at all. It certainly doesn't harm me in the slightest. (To be honest, although I very seldom think about it, if there is one person whose success bothers me, it is Jensen Huang's.)  I certainly wouldn't want to trade places with the strange little guy. Aside from everything else, I'd want to kill myself if I ever saw that weird flabby body in the mirror. Anyhow, I think Scalzi is much better suited for writing television scripts than novels, as he's not a good novelist, but his one-dimensional snark routine should go over very well with the TV-watching Trekkie crowd.

It's also typical that Scalzi tries to act as if he's not the one who has repeatedly attacked me, as if he's not the one who put pressure on SFWA to expel me from the organization. He is always trying to pretend that things are going so wonderfully well for him that he doesn't care about the fact that I routinely expose his fraudulent efforts to market himself.

Anyhow, the point is that I haven't repeatedly asserted that he is failing, (except, of course, as a self-respecting man). I have repeatedly asserted that he is lying. And I have backed up those assertions with conclusive evidence.


Racism or prostitution?

I can't imagine how anyone could possibly think this looks more like prostitution than a happy interracial couple engaged in romantic relations. I mean, don't most white men with black girlfriends bang them in front of passersby in the front seat of the car parked on the side of the road with the door open?

I'm not often inclined to take the side of the police, but this is one of the most ridiculous attempts to get out of trouble by playing the race card I've ever seen.


Sanity does not prevail long

At this point, I'm rather looking forward to seeing the idiot Vikings get shellacked again. I don't think this decision to deactivate AD again, this time indefinitely, is going to go over well with the Vikings fan base. It certainly hasn't gone over well with the Vikings fans in the Day household:
The Minnesota Vikings placed Adrian Peterson on the Exempt/Commissioner's Permission list, requiring the running back to abstain from team activities during his child-abuse case, the team announced Wednesday morning. Peterson was indicted last Thursday on a charge that he injured his 4-year-old son by spanking him with a tree branch. He was inactive for the team's Week 2 loss to the New England Patriots but was reinstated Monday.
To be honest, I thought people were exaggerating when they talked about Goodell and Pink October being harbingers of the NFL's downfall. But the invasion of the self-appointed SJW police into what used to be a man's game is seriously killing the game in more ways that one.

As Ender commented, they could cut the number of flags being thrown in half and there would still be too many. At this point, I'd rather watch soccer than an NFL game just because most of the action one watches actually counts.

"soccer is way more gay than the NFL. ...  i must believe it so. dear god please"

Perhaps once, but not anymore, I'm afraid. I've actually seen more serious injuries on the soccer field than on the football field. One of my teammates got a pair of ribs broken in our game last week, and I've seen numerous legs broken, including one nasty compound fracture that was sticking out through the skin.

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Where was Jenny?

It should be interesting to see how the pro-vaxxers attempt to vaxsplain away these deaths:
As many as 36 children were reported to have died excruciating deaths last night after receiving tainted measles vaccines under a UN-sponsored programme in the rebel-held north of Syria. The programme was suspended amid rumours of sabotage of a high profile international effort to ensure the brutal civil war does not result in an outbreak of measles....

 “It’s very bad. The figures of dead we are getting go into the 30s. Children are dying very quickly,” said Daher Zidan, the coordinator of the medical charity, Uossm. “We think it will get worse.”

The Syrian opposition coalition, which controls the area of Idlib province and had been administering the programme, said it had halted the immunisation project forthwith. 
Maybe the vaccines were tainted or maybe their reporting system simply doesn't define away lethal vaccine reactions by attributing them to other causes. If gunshot wounds were treated like vaccine reactions, we'd have a massive increase in the number of deaths attributed to inexplicably falling on the sidewalk in addition to a huge decline in the number of firearms homicides. Notice that despite all the complaints about unvaccinated American children and the thousands of imported measles cases, there have been ZERO deaths from measles since the disease was reported as eradicated from the USA in 2000. These days, the vaccine is literally deadlier than the disease.

While pro-vaxxers habitually blame Jenny McCarthy for nonexistent deaths that only take place on television, the actual deaths of those 30+ children are on the hands of the pro-vaccine advocates. And, again, note that any problem with measles in the USA has absolutely nothing to do with unvaccinated children, but is entirely the consequence of immigration and globalization.

According to the CDC, the nearly 600 cases of measles in 2014 represent "the highest number for one year since the disease was eliminated from the country in 2000".

Regarding the possible "tainting" of the vaccines:
“Medical experts said a contaminated batch of the vaccine was the most likely explanation for the incident.... At least five children have died and 50 others are suffering from poisoning or allergic reactions after measles vaccinations in Jirjanaz, in Idlib province,” the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

Mohammad Mowas, a Syrian doctor working in Turkey, said the reported symptoms were a gradual slowdown in the heart rate as the infants turned blue and were consistent with cyanide poisoning. “This looks like deliberate attempt to spike the vaccines,” he said.
If the vaccines were spiked, I think we all know who the likely culprit must be....


Defeating the fiction police

The cartoon is from here. One autistic indy game developer points out that he doesn't think praising the talking dog for the content of his speech is helping him:
Those in the gaming mass media think they’re doing people like me a favor, but they’re not. They’re smothering me and others like me. I know now there is no way they will hold my game truly accountable for any flaws it might ultimately have because they’ll think that any dismissal or criticism of the game as a whole will be a direct attack on autistic people, and it quite clearly is not. When people do dog pile on games that cover issues like this (I won’t name names but I’m sure you can fill in the blanks), it’s because of how the subject matter is approached, not that it was approached at all. The flaws of these games have been in their inability to truly connect with the people who play them, not that they had the audacity to attempt something new. If I had come forward before this, I would have been made a pet of the ‘social justice gaming crowd’, a person they could throw around to show how diverse and righteous they are, all while shielding themselves from criticism. I would be given preferential treatment just like I always have. It never ends....

Seeing a new game get ravaged for supposed sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, etc. seemingly every week makes me feel less inclined to want to write characters like Tinker, Hannah, or the many others who will be playable in our game. To these people and publications, all I have to ask is: is this what you want? Do you want people to be too afraid to make inclusive art? Because whether that was your intent or not, it’s what’s actually happening. It’s hard enough investing all your money and time into making a studio, working for years on a game that will eventually be judged by both critics and consumers without then also having to be worried that those same critics will sensationalize your game in order to make a few more big articles.
My answer is that the game developer should do as Harlan Ellison has suggested that the author do: answer them with the mighty power of your pen. By which he means to ignore them and write or develop whatever it is that YOU decide you want your book, or your game, to be.

Some people have already complained that FIRST SWORD has no female gladiators.  Tough. There is no need for them and so we're not going to waste any time or development resources on them. And if the Social Justice Whores don't like that, well, they are welcome to decry the lack of female slavery in our game to their heart's content; it's not going to make any difference whatsoever to me or to how well the game does.

The only power the Social Justice Whores have over you is the power you give them. Look at VP and its continually growing traffic. Look at Castalia and the increasing number of books it is publishing. Both have prospered despite the best efforts of the SJWs to attack them. There is no reason to give them even the slightest ground; doing so only inflames and encourages them. So don't do it!

Root them out wherever they have infested, slap down all their attempts to invade and influence, and resolutely ignore them when they are safely on the outside. John C. Wright explains how they, and a panoply of other evils, will be defeated:
I submit that victory shall be ours by using the same methods we used to overthrow the Roman Empire and replace paganism with Christianity.

First, we must pray. We must live differently from the pagans around us, according to standards of higher discipline, displaying more fidelity in marriage, eschewing divorce, assisting the poor and downtrodden, and living lives so holy that even the devils are amazed.

Second, by being willing to suffer public scorn, loss of prestige, position, and fortune for Christ.

Third, by being open, vocal, coordinated, and relentless in our efforts. Fourth, by staying on message and never giving an inch.

Fifth and last, by showing the imagination of man that no one can live in the craven airless cesspool of the mental environment of political correctness, but that men flourish and grow strong and brave, not to mention more sexually appealing, in the walled gardens of the Church and the battlefields of life.
Stay on message. Never give an inch. Stop trying to play moderate in the hopes that you'll escape the heat. Stop trying to win them over by telling them that you're not opposed to them when, in fact, you are. You cannot reason with the willfully insane.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Scotland unenthusiastic about Red Ed

It's absurd enough that a socialist Jew is seeking to be England's Prime Minister. But it's absurdity squared for Ed Miliband to campaign in Scotland on behalf of continued Scottish dependence:
Labour leader Ed Miliband was today hounded out of an Edinburgh shopping centre as a campaign walkabout became overrun by protesters.

He was repeatedly branded a 'f***ing liar' by Yes campaigners who drowned out his supporters with cries of 'bow down to your imperial master.

Mr Miliband pleaded for a 'civilised' debate with two days of campaigning left before the referendum, before being rushed out of the door by his aides, who were left 'visibly shaken' by the incident.

At one point he became trapped outside a hairdressers called 'Supercuts', leading opponents to chant: 'Vote No for Supercuts, vote No for permanent austerity'.
The irony, of course, is that Red Ed needs Scotland to stay in the Union so that Labour can take power, since Scotland is considerably to the left of England. Based on the coverage and the increasingly apocalyptic predictions, the English Unionists appear to be deeply worried that they are going to lose the Scottish Independence referendum. This is not the statement of confident politicians:

"Scotland will continue to get more money than England if it rejects independence, David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg said in a joint pledge released today ahead of Thursday’s crunch vote."

Just leave us in charge and we'll give you more treats! That doesn't sound desperate at all, does it? And a Scottish Labour MP wrote: "'Campaign room full of visibly shaken and upset folk who were in St James Centre - truly crappy day for democracy.'"

No, democracy is the will of the people. And it appears that the Scottish people have no desire to have Englishmen or Jews rule over them. This strikes me as perfectly reasonable; I tend to doubt the Israelis are going to elect a Scot anytime soon either.


Sanity prevails

AD will be back on the field on Sunday:
The Vikings gave Adrian Peterson the weekend off for damage control.

But now they’re falling back on due process.

The team just released a statement from owners Zygi Wilf and Mark Wilf saying the All-Pro running back would fully participate in practices and meetings this week and is expected to play Sunday against the Saints.
It appears the NFL owners are beginning to grasp that reacting like Pavlov's dogs to the Social Justice Warriors ringing a bell is not good for the game or for business. Now let's see the NFL reinstate Ray Rice.


Announcing Castalia Associates

You may have noticed there is a change to the left sidebar. In the place of the RECOMMENDED books, there is now a selection of books that are self-published by authors acquainted with Castalia House who have made their books available through Castalia's online store. We are listing these books on the store under the category CASTALIA ASSOCIATES.

We're pleased to announce the first two Castalia Associates are Chris Kennedy, the bestselling author of the mil-SF series THE THEOGONY, and Christopher G. Nuttall, the bestselling author of ARK ROYAL and the mil-SF series THE EMPIRE'S CORPS. Their books are being sold in the same DRM-free EPUB format that Castalia House books are sold. Additional Castalia Associates will be announced in the weeks to come; please do not contact us to request participation at the moment as we have our hands full with getting our forthcoming works ready for publication.

We're also very pleased to be able to say that both Chris Kennedy and Christopher G. Nuttall are contributing short stories to the first volume of the Tom Kratman-edited mil-SF anthology series, RIDING THE RED HORSE. And while we're on the topic of Castalia House, you surely won't want to miss the Appendix N retrospective that many of us have been anticipating, as Jeffro addresses the Zelazny classic, NINE PRINCES IN AMBER.

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National spirit in Sweden

The rise of the Swedish Democrats echos that of the National Front in France, the People's Party in Switzerland, UKIP in England, and other nationalist, anti-immigrant parties:
“The Sweden Democrats is the only political party that wants to stop immigration,” Anders Sannerstedt, a political scientist at Lund University, told the French news agency AFP. “All the other political parties have a united stance, a generous immigration policy.”

That pro-immigration stance was exemplified by Prime Minister Reinfeldt in an August 16 speech. “I’m now pleading with the Swedish people to have patience, to open your hearts, to see people in high distress whose lives are being threatened,” he said. “Show them that openness, show them tolerance.”

Reinfeldt’s immigration stance clearly cost his Moderate party votes this year. Its share of the vote fell from 30 percent in its successful reelection of 2010 down to just 22 percent this year. In contrast, the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats more than doubled their showing from 2010, becoming the third-largest party after the Social Democrats and the Moderates. A majority of Swedes voted for non-Left parties in Sunday’s election, but the absolute refusal of any of these parties to negotiate with Sweden Democrats dooms them to remain in the opposition.
There is absolutely no use supporting any "conservative" pro-immigration party anywhere in the West. They are all traitors to their nations and there is nothing conservative about supporting immigration; it is literally supporting the replacement of the native people. Notice how immigration is more important to the fake "conservatives" than every other aspect of the right-wing agenda. That's because they aren't conservatives, they are globalists in conservative clothing.

And when people are crying about how poor innocent immigrants are being deported en masse, remember who was responsible for the nightmare. Not the people doing the actual ethnic cleansing, but those who made it necessary in the first place. Because the eventual outcome is not only predictable, it is certain whether you think it is desirable or not. After all, where did all of these homogenous nations come from in the first place?

Those who think the short-term triumph of multiculturalism is inevitable because it has been dominant for 40 years should recall the Spanish Reconquista. 781 years of Ummayad rule wasn't enough to quench the nationalistic spirit in Iberia, and every single Muslim was forcibly ejected from Spain in the end.

It will be no different in the Second Reconquista. Europe belongs to the Europeans.

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Monday, September 15, 2014


The UK police are ACTIVELY PROTECTING the Rotherham child abusers:
A damning report released last month detailed how 1,400 children were sexually exploited in the area over a 16-year period. The Times reported that a woman whose case is being investigated by authorities - but has not yet been interviewed - was arrested after tackling a man she says groomed her when she was 15. A witness accused the police of 'acting like insensitive thugs', telling the paper: 'A police van came and six male officers piled out.

'Two of them dragged her away, handcuffed her, put her against a wall and then shoved her into the back of the van.'

South Yorkshire Police told today how they had been hoping to interview the woman in the weeks before the arrest, after they were told of the historic allegations by another organisation. But they only realised that she was the woman they had been trying to speak to after her arrest, and have now released her on bail.
Every single police officer involved should be fired. Then whipped. And as for the Paki child rapists, it is to England's eternal shame that any of them are still standing on English soil.

No doubt the UK media will soon be decrying "vigilante justice", but vigilante justice is considerably better than no justice at all.

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Into the blast furnace

The UK's demographics are illustrating the truth of GK Chesterton's observations concerning the human disinclination to believe in nothing:
In England’s second city of Birmingham, of 278,623 youngsters, 97,099 were registered as Muslim compared with 93,828 as Christian. The rest were of other faiths such as Hindu or Jewish, or none.

A similar trend has emerged in the cities of Bradford and Leicester, the towns of Luton, in Bedfordshire, and Slough in Berkshire, as well as the London boroughs Newham, Redbridge and Tower Hamlets, where nearly two-thirds of children are Islamic.

Last night experts said more must be done to ensure that society does not become polarised along religious lines.
I think it is fairly obvious that when people are being beheaded, it is a little late for that. To quote Jerry Pournell's apt observation, there will be war.
Professor Ted Cantle, of the ICoCo Foundation, which promotes community cohesion, said: ‘What we are seeing are several trends running together. There is a long-term decline in support for the established religions, notably Christianity; continuing immigration from the Asian sub-continent; and higher fertility among the Muslim population, which has a considerably lower age profile.

‘There is also deepening segregation exacerbated by the loss of white population from cities and more intensive concentration of black and minority ethnic groups as a result of replacement.

‘This is the real problem, as residential segregation is generally compounded by school and social segregation.
If he thinks segregation is a problem, just try desegregating those communities. Because communities that can't peacefully segregate will always eventually find another, less palatable means of doing so.

Well done, secular Britain. Out of its desire to weaken Christianity's societal dominance, it imported Islam. That's like leaping out of the frying pan and into the blast furnace.

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Spinning the "bestseller" narrative

Once more, Johnny is counting on the fact that people don't know the relevant facts in order to attempt to mislead them and spin the narrative in his favor. Notice, in particular, his blatant lie about my ignorance, when the fact is that just as when I caught him repeatedly lying about his traffic, I am the precise opposite of ignorant on the subject:
Vaguely related, not too long ago I noted with some amusement a perennial detractor of mine blathering ignorantly, as he nearly always does on any subject relating to me, about how it didn’t seem to him that Lock In was doing particularly well; this was almost immediately before the book hit the NYT Hardcover list and was Bookscan’s #1 top-selling front list science fiction novel. I considered sending him one of these cookies, so he could eat his words. But then I thought that giving a cookie to an asshole was a backwards way of doing things, at least from the point of view of the cookie. So, no cookies for him. He’ll just have to bask in the infinite pleasure of being wrong, so very wrong, yet again. He’s used to that, in any event.
Now, who was wrong about those "two million page views monthly" again? It's so typical of SF/F's Bernie Madoff that he claims I am "so very wrong" when events have gone EXACTLY as I predicted they would. It's not that Lock In has been a massive failure; most, though not all, books by a reasonably known author that have been pushed as hard as Tor has pushed Lock In will be similarly successful in its first month. Initial "success" in the publishing industry is, to a great extent, predetermined by the publisher's decisions concerning print runs and marketing budgets.

For example, Dan Brown's Angels and Demons was such an initial failure for Pocket Books that they turned down its sequel. That's why The Da Vinci Code has a different publisher than its predecessor. Pocket has since sold millions of copies, and they could have sold tens of millions of copies of Brown's other books as well if they had simply given Angels and Demons a bigger print run and a marketing campaign. An executive at Random House once told me that Pocket's mishandling of Dan Brown was the single biggest mistake he has personally observed in the industry.

So, it's no surprise that Lock In is superficially successful, as Tor has invested a lot of money (relatively speaking) in the marketing of the book in both obvious ways, such as the author's nationwide book tour and the reviews in various media outlets, and less obvious ways, such as buying the book onto the New York Times Bestseller list.  On Hugh Howey's site, Tim Grahl explains how these lists work and why they are merely marketing vehicles as opposed to reliable indicators of how a book is selling vis-a-vis other books.

This is the specific "also selling" addendum to the Hardcover Fiction list of September 14th, to which McRapey is referring:
    17. THE HEIST, by Daniel Silva (Harper)
    18. THE SILKWORM, by Robert Galbraith (Mulholland/Little, Brown)
    19. THE MINIATURIST, by Jessie Burton (Ecco)
    20. LOCK IN, by John Scalzi (Tor)
    21. TOM CLANCY: SUPPORT AND DEFEND, by Mark Greaney (Putnam)
    22. LOVE LETTERS, by Debbie Macomber (Ballantine)
    23. CLOSE TO HOME, by Lisa Jackson (Kensington)
    24. INVISIBLE, by James Patterson and David Ellis (Little, Brown)
    25. HER LAST WHISPER, by Karen Robards (Ballantine)

A version of this list appears in the September 14, 2014 issue of The New York Times Book Review. Rankings reflect sales for the week ending August 30, 2014.
That's great and all, but recall what I pointed out before Lock In reached the NYT bestseller list: "McRapey is getting annoyed that people keep pointing out that Larry Correia sells more than he does, even though his publisher keeps buying him a one-week spot on the NYT bestseller list each time he writes a book."  And also "Just keep an eye on the NYT list. If LOCK IN is only on it for one week, it's a paid marketing stunt. If it stays on it for several weeks, it's probably legitimate."

And now the verdict is in, which is probably why McRapey is already out there frantically trying to spin the narrative again.  Here is the most recent New York Times Hardcover Fiction Bestseller list, including the "also selling" section, for the week of September 21st. Care to guess what book isn't on it?
  1. PERSONAL, by Lee Child
  3. THE BONE CLOCKS, by David Mitchell
  4. THE SECRET PLACE, by Tana French
  5. THE EYE OF HEAVEN, by Clive Kussler
  6. COLORLESS TSUKURU TAZAKI, by Haruku Murakami
  7. THE LONG WAY HOME, by Louise Penny
  8. THE GOLDFINCH, by Donna Tartt
  9. BIG LITTLE LIES, by Liane Moriarty
  10. MEAN STREAK, by Sandra Brown
  11. ALL THE LIGHT WE CANNOT SEE, by Anthony Doerr
  12. DARK BLOOD, by Christine Feehan
  13. SON OF NO ONE, by Sherrilyn Kenyon
  14. WE ARE NOT OURSELVES, by Matthew Thomas
  15. ADULTERY, by Paulo Coelho
  16. SHIFTING SHADOWS, by Patricia Briggs 
  17. MURDER 101, by Faye Kellerman
  18. ANGELS WALKING, by Karen Kingsbury 
  19. THE HUSBAND'S SECRET, by Liane Moriarty
  20. THE 6TH EXTINCTION, by James Rollins
What a complete surprise! With its one-week showing of #20, Lock In didn't even do as well as his previous "New York Times bestseller" Redshirts (#15) although it did do better than that famously popular bestseller Fuzzy Nation (#23).  Recall what I wrote back in February 2013: "the fact is that most of Tor's "New York Times bestsellers" observably fit what we are informed is the profile of the fake bestseller. They appear on the list for a single week, only to vanish the following week, never to make another appearance there again."

(Scalzi also claims The Lost Colony was a New York Times bestseller, although I was unable to find it on any of the 2007 lists. I suspect this is because the historical lists do not include the "also selling" section. Redshirts is his only book to appear on the actual list per se.)

Notice that the closest comparable, Paolo Coelho's Adultery, which is presently at #15 in its third week on the list, has an Amazon rank of 292 overall and a Science Fiction and Fantasy rank of 71. That's what a legitimate bestseller looks like. Lock In, by comparison, has an overall rank of 2,807 and isn't even in the Science Fiction and Fantasy top 100. It falls an order of magnitude short. Haruki Murakami's latest is on the top 100 list for some reason, which I find very strange since there is literally nothing science fictional or fantastic about it, although I suppose that won't prevent it from winning a Hugo next year either.

Lock In does not appear on The Wall Street Journal's bestseller list and is #107 on the USA Today list. Perhaps it will go up from there, but note that Redshirts never went higher than 55 on that list and Fuzzy Nation never appeared at all. In other words, the initial indications are that despite the massive marketing effort Tor Books put behind it, Lock In is not even doing as well as Scalzi's award-winning Star Trek ripoff.

This is potentially significant due to what it may mean for Tor Books. I've heard, and seen, evidence that they are not doing very well over the last two or three years. I suspected that the otherwise inexplicable decision to push Lock In so hard was an indication of their urgent need for a quick revenue boost, and so I conclude that Lock In's failure to become a legitimate bestseller presages an eventual shake-up of some kind at the publisher. As always, the value of a predictive model is its ability to predict future events. It will be interesting to see if PNH is still at Tor Books proper one year from now. If he is not, I suggest that will tend to support my observations here.

In any event, Scalzi is spinning his "success" in the same way that an NFL running back's agent spins it when he's angling for a new contract. Sure, he gained a thousand yards and the team made the playoffs, but the problem is that it took him 305 attempts to gain those yards, he's averaging 3.3 YPC , the team was a wild card that lost in the first round, and his salary is $8 million per year. The team can get similar results at considerably less cost from someone else. That's the inevitable downside of the big splashy marketing campaign for every Big Five author. With great marketing expenditures come great expectations. Merely good results of the sort that observably could have been achieved without them is a failure.

UPDATE: McRapey is so busy with his book tour and NOT paying attention to anything that I say that he tweeted this response almost immediately:
Latest stupid from my detractors: "You were ONLY on the NYT list for a week! You're not a real bestseller!" Shine on, you crazy diamonds!
Well, this is awkward. Ah, Johnny, look, it's not a real bestseller. It's a fake one that Tor Books bulk-bought for you, just like they did with The Last Colony and Fuzzy Nation and Redshirts. Some would call it fraud. Tor Books calls it "marketing".

Chin up, Johnny! Oh, wait, you don't have one. Um, well, stay strong, tiger!

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Anti-distributionist racism

Gawker explains the correct way to respond to getting mugged by today's vibrant youth is not to "have the kid arrested for stealing your phone":
Now, granted, it's not entirely Clara Vondrich's fault that this 13-year-old boy was arrested by police for stealing her phone. But, she did, by her own admission, willingly cause the commotion that led up to police being summoned, and she did—as the photos show—keep the kid pinned to a car until police arrived despite already knowing that he didn't posses her phone.

Vondrich says that she "felt sorry" for the kid, but not enough to not have him arrested and charged with grand larceny. The boy will now enter New York's vaunted juvenile justice system, which will likely fuck up his life even further, simply because he snatched a white lady's iPhone in Williamsburg.

If you are nonviolently mugged by a child, continue to let him run along with his friends. The world will be a better place.
There is literally no depth to which the Social Justice Warriors of the world will not descend in their interminable efforts to reduce Western civilization to barbarism. When theft is inevitable, relax and enjoy it.

I was a little surprised by what the picture represented, though. When I see a middle-aged white woman posing for a picture with her arms around a thuggish young African, I tend to assume it is a family portrait of a celebrity with her adopted child-substitute. I thought it was Sigourney Weaver.

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VPFL Week 1

102 RR Redbeards
60 FavreDollarFootlongs

98 Greenfield Grizzlies
55 Mounds View Meerkats

74 Bane Cornshuckers

69 Texas Chili Eaters
63 Clerical Errs

58 Gilbert Gamma Rays
36 Boot Hill Bogs

New England 30, Minnesota 7. Well, I imagine that settles the question about Adrian Peterson being reactivated next week.


The problem with STEM

What people fail to realize is that the problem in the tech industry isn't that there aren't enough women getting STEM degrees, the problem is that too many are doing so:
Research shows women share negative experiences far more widely than men. Does that have an impact on diversity? Do women start avoiding certain companies because they are well informed about the culture?

Barbara: Absolutely. There were two technology companies which had this enormous turnover, and we actually tracked where the women went. And again, these companies had this huge focus on recruiting women but the culture wasn’t inclusive or gender intelligent, and so the women would end up leaving.

We have these amazing women with STEM degrees, and they’re shelving that education and going off to do something else.

When we tracked down where they went, what we found is that they went to smaller or mid-sized companies, or some of them just left the sector. They would say, “I do not even want to be in technology anymore.” So here we have these amazing women with STEM degrees, and they’re shelving that education and going off to do something else.

What’s one of the most common frustrations you hear from women in the tech sector?

Barbara: One female engineer described it as a drip-drip-drip: it’s not just one thing that happens once. She calls it being “cleverly dismissed.” So, she’ll bring up a concern or something, and it gets cleverly dismissed. If you have these drip-drip experiences of feeling excluded and dismissed over years and years, this is where women don’t feel valued for their intellect, for their ideas, or for the different way of thinking they bring, which is so useful and so important.
That's one aspect of the problem right there. The "different way of thinking they bring" is neither useful nor important. It's irrelevant. All those clever dismissals are just the tech gammas being nice to their coworkers, because in most cases the correct response to the concerns being raised would be: "what on Earth does that have to do with our actual objectives and responsibilities?"

The main reason there are not more women actually doing technology-related work in the technology sector despite their expensive STEM degrees is a very simple one: all those amazing women don't like the nature of the actual work itself. They're not good at it, they don't like it, and so they tend to gravitate towards tangentially related sectors, like marketing technology or selling it.

Which is fine, but it's hardly an efficient use of resources or an indicator that forcing even less-interested women into the field is a good idea.


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